Product details
- Solar cell bollard, ready to use, easy to install, no complicated wiring, automatic on-off
- Long-lasting, durable, can be installed outdoors, waterproof, sun resistant, rain resistant
- Solar pathway lamps, with constant sunlight during the daytime.
- Charging time: 9-12 hours
- Night working time: 8-12 hours
- Use only the switch to use immediately Which will open automatically At night Close yourself in the morning.

Care: can be maintained easily By bringing the cloth moistened with clean water
How to use: Turn on the switch by moving the button to the outside of the lamp head.
Suggestion: Lighting or solar panel should be charged to receive solar energy first. The first use of about 1 day or at least 8 hours
Product size: 60x25x13 cm
* Note: White light and warm white